Kathmandu, Nepal
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Rejina Regmi

Meet Rejina Regmi, a wonderful young woman from Nepal now living in Australia. She’s not just beautiful on the outside – her personality is just as lovely. With her roots in Nepal, Rejina brings a mix of grace and determination to Australia.

Rejina has the kind of eyes that light up a room, and her dark, flowing hair adds to her charm. She loves blending the traditional styles of Nepal with the modern trends in Australia, creating a unique look that represents her background and where she is now.

But Rejina is more than just a pretty face; she has big dreams. She wants to be a model, not just for the glamour but to show that anyone can follow their dreams. She wants to break the mold and inspire others to be confident in who they are.

In Australia, Rejina is embracing the mix of cultures and styles. She’s not just aiming for a career in modeling; she’s on a mission to make the fashion world more diverse and accepting. Keep an eye out for Rejina Regmi as she steps into the world of fashion, bringing her charm, confidence, and a touch of Nepal to the runways.

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