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Should Tiktok be banned in Nepal?

Should tiktok banned?

No, and yes, why is that not?

Because honest people are working on it honestly.

It’s an app that has changed thousands of people’s lives. Some people have reached a place where online celebrities are called. Not all of them are fortunate enough to showcase their acting skills before a large, real audience, so here tik-tok serves them as a more accessible and effective medium.

reshma ghimire
reshma ghimire

Reshma Ghimire, who goes on social media with the moniker tigerreshma, used to enjoy the Tiktok app, where you can play and lip-sync all kinds of background music, from songs to dialogs in Bollywood. Her antics received her 98,000 followers and music video offers (she accepted 2).

“I love to be on the screen, and I’m also considering films. But I hope I can continue my profession of nursing, “she says.

And yes because

You post it to the world when you post your videos to tik-tok.

The app itself promises a “raw, real and boundless” video sharing community and claims to be suitable for kids aged 12 and older. Tik tok is rapidly becoming a favorite for children as young as third grade. In particular, girls are exposed by their peers to caustic comments and other potential abuse while offering sexual predators a choice of hunting ground. Most female users dominate here because tik tok promotes feminine dancing and singing, mostly boys don’t dare to do it.

What if the children interact with content that is inappropriate or upsetting?

So that’s why I think tiktok should be banned .

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