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Nepal Telecom (NTC) Voice Packs Rate

  Nepal Doorsanchar company ltd is popularly known as Nepal Telecom is state  owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal with 91.49% of government shares.

Nepal Telecom Voice Rate

Ntc has been providing various services and facilities making life easier and standerd.It has been making world smaller by connecting far off people.NTC is perfered by many peoples in Nepal because of different offers like many data packs,voice packs(day and night voice packs) which are mostly preferred by users and are using it.

Among all services voice pack is being mostly used by users in this period of time.In this busy schedual people earn and spend their huge amount of money in it.Most people even don’t know how to use the services so that their money are flowing like water uselessly,to solve all this type of common problem NTC has provided many offers.

Nepal Telecom has voice pack service because of which we can get connected with our beloved once in low rate and high speed..It has weekly voice pack too. Some are listed as below

11 mins  @Rs 10 For 1 day
30 mins @Rs 25 For 3 days
75 mins @ Rs 50 For 5 days
190 mins @ Rs 100 For 10 days
400 mins @ Rs 200 For 28 days
1160 mins @ Rs 500 For 60 days

        So that NTC users can easily communicate with offordable price like wise there are many offers for  users benefits ,there are data packs too.

In voice packs we can get day voice pack and  night voice pack too.In day voice pack we can get 60min voice call @ rs 6

To sum up NTC has been providing many more facilites to us and I am using those services and satisfied by the services provided.i recommend you to use this service and enjoy the offer and be happy

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