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List of Public Holidays in Nepal 2077 BS

“List of Public Holidays in Nepal 2077 BS”

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday has announced the publication of a list of official public holidays in Nepal for the year 2077 BS.

A malamas is an additional one month in the lunar calendar which appears every 3 to 4 years. Due to this malamas, 2077 B.S will have delayed Dashain and Tihar holidays.

According to the calendar Dashain in 10th kartik and Bhaitika in 1st Mangshir.The biggest festival of Nepal i.e Dashain starts from 7th kartik (Phoolpati) to 11th Kartik (Ekadashi).

There will be a total of 67 days of holiday including 52 Saturdays, 5 days of Dashain, 3 days of Tihar and the other 7 days.

Lists of public holidays except Saturday:

  • 1st Baisakh – New Year
  • 19th Baisakh – International workers day
  • 3rd Ashoj – ConstitutionDay
  • 24th Falgun – International Women’s Day
  • 25th Baisakh – Buddha Jayanti
  • 27th Falgun – Mahashivaratri Day

Lists of public holidays depending on religion, culture, and geography

  • 25th Baishakh festival – Ubhauli festival
  • 10th Bhadra – Gaura festival
  • 15th Bhadra – Teej
  • 25th Bhadra – Jitia
  • 5th Mangsir – Fitr and Bakar Eid (Celebrated by Muslim)
  • 5th Mangsir – Chhath
  • 15th Poush – Udhauli festival of Kirat caste
  • 10th Poush – Christmas Day (Only for Christians)
  • 1st Magh – Magh Maghi(Celebrated by Tharu, Magar, and Chhantyal)
  • 30th Magh – Sonam Lhosar
  • 4th Falgun – Vasant Panchami, i.e Saraswati Puja
  • 1st Chaitra – Galpo Lhosar

Similarly, the 15th Chaitra is declared as a public holiday in 56 districts on Sunday .The remaining 16 districts holiday in 16th Chaitra on Monday for the Fagupurnima.

See full calendar detail  here.

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