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Kantipur to Unicode Converter

Kantipur to Nepali Unicode Converter

Nepali Online Kantipur to unicode converter is the most efficient technique to type in and convert your kantipur font to unicode font. This Preeti to unicode / Kantipur to unicode converter is widely usable in browser and device.

Insert text from Kantipur Font :

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Why to use kantipur to unicode converter ?
If you are familiar with Nepali traditional keyboard with keys "ba","ka" etc,then you must have faced problem while inputing your text in social media websites and interet world.
This is because you are using preeti font or kantipur font. But while entering any input in social medias like facebook, twitter your font needs to be in unicode. In this scenario, you must need kantipur to unicode converter.

How to use kantipur to unicode converter ?
Are you here for the first time ? Don't worry as it is very easy to convert preeti font to nepali unicode. For this you just need to enter your text that needs to be converted to unicode and click the submit button. After this, you will get your text in unicode format.

Why to use Nepali Forums Kantipur to unicode converter ?
This also helps for preeti to unicode conversion. Not only this, it is also mangal to unicode converter.