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How to transform foreign driving license to nepali driving license ? All you need to know.

Do you have license of foreign country and you want to transfer it to Nepali so that you can have nepali driving license ? i.e Do you want license nepalikaran ?

Then you should follow some steps.

First of all go to the embassy of the related coutry in Nepal, from where your driving license is issued.There you need to verify your driving license and you will be provided with the document of prrof from there.

You need to submit a copy of your passport with visa, smart driving license and your photo to the admin of the license office. Don’t forget to carry original documents.

If you documents are approved, the office will take your photo.

You need to sit on the health checkup where you will be tested if you are healthy enough to get nepali driving license.

After you pass health checkup, you need to pay entry fee of NPR 500.

You need to pay separate fee for getting smart driving license. Fee for different types of smart driving license are as follows :
Category A : Rs 1500
Category B : Rs 2000
Category F : 2500
Category G : 300

After completing these all steps, you will be now ready to receive smart driving license from Nepal.
Please note that you don’t need to sit on trial for this. But if Transportation office finds any doubt, you might need to sit on trial examination as well.

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