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How to stay fit at home ? Few Tips and Tricks

“Stay fit at home with this few tips and tricks”

Most of us these days have full-time jobs and busy schedules. It’s also that we had works staying in the same position in front of laptops.

Due to this most of us are having health issues often. Lack of exercise and mental pressures, many of us feel anxiety and mentally retarded.

Do you want to get physically and mentally fit? But you don’t have time for gyms or to join health clubs ?? Maybe you cant control the junk foods and don’t want to do heavy exercises as well. Right??

Here I have a solution for you all how to stay fit at home with a few tips and tricks.

Flexibility moves

When you wake up early in the morning try some flexibility moves. Stretch your whole body properly. You can watch short youtube videos for basics stretching. I repeat Do it in the right way. I would suggest a 7 mins workout for everyone. You can find an application in-app store for this. Just 7 mins a day and it will be really effective.

Healthy homemade diets

Many of the health experts and dieticians suggest that to be fit and healthy 80 % is diet and the remaining 20 % is exercise.this means you have to have a healthy diet more and even less exercise will keep you fit. Avoid restaurant foods and increase the habit to have healthy foods at home. Home cook food will have fewer spices and it won’t be as unhealthier compare to junk foods.
Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet, mainly cucumbers, radish, watermelons and papaya.

Drink a lot of water

Drink a plenty of water. You can use tracking apps to track the amount of water you drank. You can also keep a reminder application on your phone . Always keep a bottle of water at your desk and have it. Keep yourself hydrated, it is really beneficial for your health and remains fit.

Avoid Caffeine Drinks and Avoid Sugar

It’s already summer and most peoples like cold drinks. Cold drinks like coke, juices contains caffeine which is very bad for health. Instead of juices, you can have a water and curd i.e lassi. It will be a cool drink and healthy as well. Also, try to intake less amount of sugar. Do not take foods that contain a high amount of sugar.

Have a proper Sleep Routine

Sleeping is a very needy thing for our health. You must compulsorily have 7-8 hrs sleep every day. Sleeping routine directly affects your mental health. It’s not only important t have a required amount of sleep but equally have a daily timely routine to sleep. I know it’s really tough to manage this routine but as slow and steady wins the race.

Don’t force yourself for anything, go with the flow have positivity about anything and maintain a healthy habit.

Wish you all happy and healthy days ahead…

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