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How to apply for Nepali Driving License in fast track ?

Have you passed your driving license exam? And most probably you are still waiting for the official license. You are using that receipt sleep.

You might be in tension if you are going to abroad soon. You need to have the official card of the driving license in a foreign land where your payment slip will be useless.

In this scenario, you need to apply for the license in the fast track method. Here is the sample of the form that needs to be filled up.

Required Documents to get a driving license in Nepal quickly:

  1. Xerox copy of citizenship/passport with official application letter from related office.
  2. Receipt of license fee payment
  3. Xerox copy of ticket visa
  4. In case of new, recommendation letter by the Department of Transportation Management
  5. In the case of army/police, a recommendation from the related branch.

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