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Honda Bike Price in Nepal

Here is the latest updated price of Honda Bike in Nepal.

Bike ModelCCLatest Price
Aviator109 CC1,97,900
CB Shine124.7 CC1,94,000 - 2,17,000
CBR 250R249 CC5,89,900 - 6,69,900
CD Dream109 CC1,74,900
CRF 250L250 CC11,24,000
CB Hornet 5iD162.71 CC2,99,900
CB Unicorn 160163 CC2,69,900
Activa125 CC2,08,900 - 2,19,900
CB Shine SP125 CC2,02,900 - 2,24,900
CB 500F500 CC13,99,000
XR 150L150 CC4,84,900
CBR 650F648.72 CC19,99,000
CB 190R184 CC5,99,000 - 6,14,000
Grazia125 CC2,08,900 - 2,24,900
X Blade160 CC2,85,000
XR 190L190 CC5,94,900
CRF RALLY250 CC13,25,000
CB 600RR600 CC24,25,000
African Twin1000 CC25,50,000 - 26,90,000
GL 150 Shadow150 CC5,59,000
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