Driving License printed till date [UPDATE]

FAQ on License License Results

License printed till date is license number upto 354270.

License that have been printed and sent to respective transportation management offices are listed here. (13th Dec, 2013)

Click this to see the list of license that are printed.


Please check the image for the latest update of printed driving license.

And yes, the latest update is 01-06-00331997 !

According to the Department of Transportation Management, the license is printed very slowly. Though it is slow, few are printed daily.
The last driving license number that is printed is 01-06-00328998 till 14th of Octoberr 2018.

Also, it is stated that some licenses might not have been printed.

Check alternatively.

Find if your driving license is ready by SMS

Do your friends, relatives are also going to apply for the driving license? Or they are trying for the retrial examination after failing the trial. Or are they preparing for written examination ? Then,  Let them know


Schedule for Driving License Registration, Written, Trial and Retrial Examination in Nepal

If they are applying driving license for the first time, you can share

How to apply for driving license in Nepal with online application form?

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