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Australian PM Scott Morrison; Return Your Own Country

Australian PM Scott Morrison, stated the students and non-residential citizens in Australia to return to their own country if they are having economic problems and  difficulties.

He also stated that it’s really unfair that coming to study with the student visa and in the very first year, the students are claiming the difficulties.

In this context, he further added, that if anyone is really having difficulty they can leave the country.

Every student proved their economic capabilities for an initial 1-year study and college fees while applying for their student visa. Hence one should not have problems and had to prove their economic capability for initial education fees.

Similarly, talking about other nonresidential foreigners, Scott Morin clarified that no one is forced to stay there and can leave per their interests.

Nonresidential foreigners and students also accepted that the government has not pressurized them on anything to stay in their country.

After so many industries and organizations shutting down and the increase of unemployment causes, many INGOs and NGOs requested for the governmental help.

Prime Minister says, We cannot do anything on this and asked everyone not to expect anything from the government.They can  return to their own country.

Australian PM Scott Morrison announced, the students working hours are made unlimited and 20,000 student nurses are going to be employed and opened the opportunities to work in other fields.

Bhartaraj Poudel, the residence of Brisbane supported the PM’s statement and told not to take the statement in a negative way. One more citizen Subash Shrestha also added, Nepali citizens staying in Australia should support the students in this hard times.

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