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7 sci-fi movies for your isolation period

“7 Sci-Fi movies(Science Fiction Movies) “

It’s already day 7 of this lockdown time.

Everyone is at home watching their favourite genre movies and enjoying their times.

People’s interests differ person by person. Therefore, You must be here to know about this Sci-fi movies as you are interested. Isn’t it ??

There are hundreds of Sci-fi movies if you google it or search in the youtubes. 

But here I present you some really must watch Sci-fi movies. 

7 Sci-fi movies to watch


‘Futureworld’ (1976)

‘Hardware Wars’ (1978)

‘Crimes of the Future’ (1970)

‘The Black Hole’ (1979)

‘Superman’ (1978)

‘Damnation Alley’ (1977 Sci-Fi)

‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’ (1979)

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