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7 games you can play at your home

“7 games you can play at your home”

Are you looking for fun-filled games to play at your home? Staying home and playing games with your friends and family is such entertainment and fun.

You don’t need a lot to play games. Just gather everyone at home and play games. It will increase the communication and love between the family members.

Here I have listed the 7 indoor fun games you can play at your home:

7 games you can play at your home

  1. Chess
  2. Puzzle
  3. Never Have I Ever
  4. Ludo
  5. Carrom
  6. Dots and Boxes
  7. Tic-Tac-Toe


Chess is a good mind game. It increases your cognitive skills. If you don’t know how to play you can find lots of techniques on youtube. Learn and have fun too.



Puzzles are a great time pass rather than a game. It is also a mind game. It really increases your thinking capacity and increases the speed of your mind. You won’t have to learn about this simple game.

Never Have I Ever

Do you have a joint family? Then this game is for you and your family. Never Have I Ever is a game where you need lots of people. It’s like a magical chair. In this game, one person stands in the middle and announces the thing that they have never done. Others will sit around the chair.

Now other participants who also have never done that thing will leave the chair and find a new chair. The middle person will also leave the chair. Lastly who remains will now announce Never Have I Ever.



Ludo is a popular game. There’s no age limit, you can play with anyone. Actually this game is also a strategic one. You need to put some strategy to win. Similarly sometimes its a luck.


Carrom is a multiplayer game. There are 10 black, 10 white, a red queen and a striker. It is a board game to play indoors.


Dots and Boxes

dots and boxes

Dots and Boxes are a pencil and paper game. There are two players. Initially, numbers of dots are drawn in a paper. Players turnwise add horizontal lines and make boxes. The player needs to complete 4 lines to make a box and gets one point. The drawn board can be of any size depending upon the dots. At last, the winner is selected who has the maximum boxes and the points.


Tic-Tac-Toe is also a paper game like dots and boxes. In this game, there is a grid of horizontal lines dissecting two vertical lines. It is also a multiplayer game. Players turn wise to choose a box to mark a cross or zero. The goal of the game is to fill the 3 marks in a row. Your opponent will try to block to stop you from making 3 marks in a single row. Lastly whoever makes a 3 mark in a row wins the game.


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