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5 Tips Before Buying Second Hand Bike

Are you in mood of buying used bike ? Yes, it could be good decision but sometimes it can be danger to you as well. Before buying, see few tips.

Find the price of new bike

Befor buying used bike, first of all find how much does the same bike cost as new. Is there significant difference between the price of new bike and the price of used bike that you are going to buy ?

Ask the seller

Ask the seller of used bike with following questions.

  1. Has it meet with accident ?
  2. How many owners that bike already have?
  3. Any modifications made ?

Is tax cleared ?

Before buying used bike, you need to check if all the taxes are cleared or not

Check the bike

Check the Engine and frame number with the document.

Also don’t forget to check tyres, discs chain and sprockets.

Check the electrics of the bike i.e. indiacators, lights, console lights

Have a test Ride

You can also have a test ride. But respect the facility provided. It’s other property till now.

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