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3 lakhs people will get smart driving license in Nepal as soon as lockdown ends

Departmemnt of transportation management is printing driving license in Nepal in 3 shifts during the lockdown period as well.

Department of Transportation Management aims to print 4 lakhs driving license in Nepal in this fiscal year.

Due to lockdown, there is no demand for new driving license. So, DoTM is feeling faster to print the smart driving license.

Now, around 5000 smart driving license are being printed during this pandemic of Covid19.

As soon as the lockdown ends, 3 lakhs people will get smart driving license. Thereafter, you don’t need to roam around with the cheat of driving license.

At this period, people are working in 3 shifts. Each shift is of 6 hours. And printing process is going on at mass printer. DoTM now has 1 mass printer, 7 lakhs cards and 4 smaller machines to print driving license. And working in 3 shifts, daily 5000 driving license are printed.

After the lockdown, 80 thousands smart driving license have been printed already.

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