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3.5 lakhs Smart License Printed during this Lockdown

The Department of Transport Management has printed about three and a half lakh driver’s licenses during the lockdown. Six and a half lakh licenses have been printed so far in the current fiscal year.

About two lakh licenses are yet to be printed. Those who had passed the license exam for the new license till mid-December last year and the license for renewal has been printed. Gagan Bahadur Hamal, Director-general of the department, said that additional licenses could be printed by mid-July.

Although the department has stopped printing the license for a few weeks after the ban, it has been printing it after taking necessary health precautions.

The Transportation Management Office is distributing the permits as it could not be distributed during the lockdown. As the responsibility of transportation belongs to the state government as per the constitution, the government of Nepal had handed over the transport office to the state government two years ago.

The government introduced the smart driver’s license five years ago by removing the handwritten license. The department has been printing the licenses of all the offices across the country.

Last year, the government had purchased a large capacity license (mass printer) due to pressure on the department to print licenses. At present, printing is being done from mass printers without using old equipment.

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