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10 motorcycles you can ride in Nepal

Nepal has one of the most traffic jam cities in the world. As a result a lot of people prefers bikes. Not only because it is easier to ride but also is very convenient.  There are a lot of motorbikes options In Nepal. Different brands has different models and prices. Today we will be learning about 10 motorcycles that can be ride and preferred in Nepal.

  1. Pulsar 220

Bajaj pulsar 220 is one of the popular bikes in Nepal today. This is one of the fancy looking bikes in affordable price. This bike carries a mileage of 38kmpl with displacement of 220cc. The weight of this bike is 150kgs. The bike comes with the highest speed of 134kmph. The maket price of pulsar 220 today is NPR311,900.

  • Royal Enfield bullet 350

Royal Enfield famously knows as bullet bike is loved by most of the people. This bike comes in 10 different colors. It has the maximum power of 19.8 bhp @ 5250rpm. Even though the bike says 350cc the bike has displacement of 346cc only. The bike weights 180 kgs. The maket price of this bike today is NPR449,000.

  • Hero xtreme 200R

Hero xtreme 200R is loved by a lot of youngsters for its cool look in Nepal. The bike comes with 200cc and air cooled engine. This bike has displacement of 199.6cc. the maximum power of the bike is 18.1Bhp at 8000rpm. This bike weights 148kgs. The market price of this bike today is NPR286,500

  • Cross fire xz 250RR

Cross fire is one of the most loved dirt bike for people in Nepal. This bike is comparatively slimmer and stronger than many other regular bikes. This bike is designed for people who loves taking ride on off road. The bike comes with the displacement of 249.6CC weighting 115kgs. It has maximum power of 5HP @ 9000rpm. The price of this bike today in nepali market is NRP.595,000

  • Duke 250

Duke 250 has not only attracted customers by its features but also by its appearance. This bike is one of the strongest bike under 250cc categories. The bike comes with the engine capacity of 248.8 and serves the highest speed of 138km/h. it has the mileage of 35km/l. The cost of this bike is NRP.589,900

  • VR 150

VR is one of the dirt bikes which has been cherished by a lot of Nepalese since long ago. VR 150 was recently launched in Nepal after a long gap. This bike comes with the maximum power of of 18.1ps with displacement of 149cc. it weights 140kg and comes in four different colors. The market price for this bike today is NRP.372,000.

  • Benelli TNT 150i

Benelli TNT 150i is one of the popular bikes under 150cc categories. The bike comes in such a appealing body. This bike has a displacement of 148CC carrying 40kmpl of mileage.

The bike has the highest speed of 130kmph weighting 117kgs. cost of the bike is NRP.315,000 in today’s date.

  • Ducati panigale V4

Ducati panigale V4 is one of the very few sports bike in Nepal. This bike has an engine of desmosedici Stradale 90 degree V4. Carrying a displacement of 1103CC the bike has  maximum power of [email protected] The bike weights 198kg. Price of the bike is NRP.4,700,000.

  • R15 V3

R15 V3 is one of the new bikes launched in Nepal by Yamaha this year. The bike has the displacement of 155CC having a maximum power of 19.3PS @10000rpm.  It has a mileage of 48kmpl and comes in 3 different colors. The bike weights 142kg. price of this bike is NRP.455,900

  1. Avenger 220

This bike looks like bullet and it has been loved for it’s look. This bike comes in two different colors. The bike has an engine of 220CC with 45kmpl of mileage. It has a maximum power of 19.03PS. this bike cost 339,900

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